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A Night of Fashion.

Having been at an internship in New York for the past three months, walking into Zou Zou on my first day back had me smiling not only to be reunited with the Zou Zou girls and our awesome clients, (and, truthfully, THE CLOTHES,) but also because I learned Zou Zou would be participating in the […]

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The Pre-White Party Fashion Show – ZOU ZOU STYLE

Fashion shows are never easy; but the crazed hair and make-up people, shouting event planners, loud bass of blasting techno music and anxious, camera-ready crowd make for an incredible experience. For all of us here at Zou Zou Boutique, the Pre-White Party Fashion show was no exception. A lead to the much anticipated White Party […]

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Vacation Luxe at Zou Zou

As the summer heat continues to bear down on Orlando, more and more of our wonderful Zou Zou shoppers are fleeing to the sea for some stylish R&R with their most loved family and friends. We knew it was time to add something new and get-away friendly to our fashion arsenal – and so we […]

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Zou Zou Monthly Recap

New fashion seasons always bring a surplus of amazing looks to our beloved Zou Zou – the start of this summer was no exception. Here’s a little compilation of some of our favorite Zou Zou moments: -Stunning La Mer leather wrap watches -One of our favorite Zou Zou mommas shopping for her big Vacation -Gorgeous […]

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Zou Zou Summer Accessory Tips

Summer is the season for fun fashion. Flowing maxis, flirty 70s inspired wide-leg pants, and fierce mini dresses can only be paired with one thing – fabulous jewelry! Here are a few tips to get you through this season in style.     Tip #1: Going out on the town? You can give your outfit […]

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Zou Zou Official Summer Style Trend: Tie-Dye

Summer is finally here and after a trendy spring season full of floral and tribal prints, we needed something new to spice up our warm weather Zou Zou wardrobes… And we fell into retro-love with tie-dye. Though it was a trend sported by only the most fashionably rebellious in the 1970s, tie-dye made a high-fashion […]

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Spring Trend #5: The Roaring Twenties!

Happy Saturday Zou Zou lovers! As promised in the last post, our last spring trend this year makes for quite the finale. The Artist took audience and fashion lovers by storm at the beginning of 2012, and with Jean Dejardin eventually taking home the Oscar for best male lead in a film, it’s no shocker […]

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Spring Trend #4: Tribal!

Spring Trend #4, tribal prints, couldn’t come at a better time as this year’s Coachella music festival kicked off just this past weekend, where fans and celebrities alike rock tribal prints and hipster ensembles like none other. Whether you’ve heard of the indie gathering or not, the weekend has not only become infamous in music […]

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Spring Trend #3: Black and White!

Though blacks are usually reserved for more formal events or the cooler days of autumn and winter, the color-combo black AND white can also be a spring staple in your wardrobe this year! Blacks may seem harsh for this season, but they’re actually one of the best ways to look instantly chic, especially when paired […]

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Spring Trend #2: Florals!

Being the new girl on the block here at Zou Zou, I’ve loved learning the ins and outs of working at a boutique, but more importantly, I’ve loved getting to see this spring’s latest trends come and go just as quickly as they arrive. We all know it’s no exaggeration when I say things go […]

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